Yes ladies! The Nike Women 10k is finally upon us and it is time for #werunlondon.

Barry’s Bootcamp and my NTC Victoria Park classes have been awash with competitive females gearing up to beat their personal best – and the women’s next to them. Competitive spirit is great and I fully encourage it, but I am also aware that for some people it can make the experience a daunting one, when it shouldn’t be.

So, here is my heartfelt advice before you set off for the race this morning…

You are doing this event for YOU, nobody else. It is about being the best YOU can be, not the best full stop. Whatever time you get, you know in yourself whether it is something to be proud of. Somebody might finish 15 minutes quicker than you, but you’ve both run 10k so you have both achieved the same.

Everybody has had a different training journey, and everybody has their own strengths and goals. PLEASE don’t compare yourself to others. Franklin Roosevelt once said: “Comparison is the thief of joy,” and it is true. We have a tendency to only compare ourselves to people who are better than us, and while that’s great if you want to aspire to be better, do not allow it if it just makes you feel inadequate.

This is YOUR journey. Just being on that start line is an achievement. You have shown more commitment than the hundreds of women who thought about signing up, but never bothered. Take it one step, and one kilometre, at a time from there.

I want you all to feel proud when you finish, but most of all I want you to have fun and enjoy it. Feel proud of yourself for being there and enjoy the journey… and don’t forget to smile!

Smile when you run

When it gets tough and that voice inside your head is telling you to quit, tell it to shut the hell up! One of my clients recently wrote PMA on her hand to get her through a 10k race, and looked at it whenever she felt like quitting. Whatever it takes to get you through, do it, but I guarantee you that staying positive and truly believing in yourself is the best weapon you can equip yourself with on the day.

Take a few minutes out before you start the race to give yourself a pep talk. Don’t just tell yourself you can do it, but believe 100% that you can. Focus on what’s ahead of you and what you want to achieve and don’t let anything stand in your way.

I have enjoyed training with you in the lead up to the run and I will be thinking of you all every step of the way. I cannot wait to celebrate with you all at the finish line. Good luck ladies!

#justdoit #betterforit #werunlondon #PMA #youallrock