Sometimes clients walk in to Barry’s, f**k s**t up, and then walk out.

They don’t brag about their achievements, they don’t walk in like they’re a big deal, you will never see them flexing their muscles or telling people how fast they can run. They’re completely modest and unassuming. You may be forgiven for not noticing people who don’t demand attention, and just quietly get on in class.

But then they completely astound me with what they do. Their actions are impossible to ignore and you know instantly that you’re watching something special.

Lee Thompson is one of those guys.

team lee

He has been a client at Barry’s Bootcamp for the past two years and in that time has become a good friend. Not just to me, but to almost everybody there. He is a loyal 7.50pm client and it’s a pleasure to train him.

He has always been an incredible runner, and anything I have ever thrown at him on the treadmill he has chewed up and spat out. The man is a machine, and he works his butt off to achieve his goals.

Last week he qualified to represent Great Britain this September in Chicago. Let me just break that down for you? This is a regular guy, with a regular full-time job, who fits his training in around work, and he has just qualified to represent the nation as a Team GB triathlete…Team GB?!

team lee 2

I am ridiculously proud of what this man has achieved, but what has amazed me is the modesty he has shown and the amount of people who still have no idea that a week ago he achieved one of his lifetime ambitions. He does not need praise and adulation, which is why he has humbly carried on like nothing has changed, but screw that! He deserves it, so I will do it for him…


Now the training really begins, so prepare for hell in my classes my friend!

#TeamGB #TeamLeeB #TeamPMA #TeamLeeMA

Lee is looking for sponsorship to help him on his journey. If you can help, email me at